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The Japanese market has a unique flavor that requires a blend of empathy and historic background knowledge to navigate. Their way of communicating, designing and developing technology - not to mention the way they do business can be difficult to understand for a long while. And so can the Danish culture. One specific area is the way people approach each other, and to what extent one would trust a business partner. Language is just the most visible barrier. Specifically between these two markets a  'cultural interpreter' who understands both sides is invaluable. 

Design method

We know how participatory and user-centered design have become more and more popular in health tech over the past decade, and we have participated in both Post Market Clinical Follow-up studies as well as early stage ideation and design processes. We can facilitate such processes with tools from 'The creative Platform', 'Design methods' and various Innovation process models. 

Illuminaut can also help you shape your process and guide through the MEDDEV and CE marking issues that all imporers and producers of health care tech needs to dive into. 

Market Insights

The healthcare systems of Japan and Scandinavia are extremely different. And this influences the companies that are doing business in this area. So it is important to understand this before planning a market approach. For example, the Danish health care tech price level is extremely high, but at the same time, it is a market that is extremely difficult to enter into without the right partners. And the Japanese market is very lucrative for technologies for private users, but very protective against foreign technology. Contact us to know more about how to overcome these challenges


Knowing whom to approach and how to do so can save a lot of time. Understanding the proper way of doing so also. But being able to use somebody else's network is by far the fastest way to success. 

Illuminaut only works with people we believe in and we are open about the strong and weak points for each of our contacts. We want you to succeed - and we want our existing contacts to continue to trust us when we refer somebody to them. 


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